Hatha Yoga

At Acu Yoga Wellness, we practice Hatha yoga. Hatha is Sanskrit for "willful" or "forceful," which emphasizes the dedication required of yoga students to perform physical exercises to strengthen both the body and mind. The word Hatha is derived from two words: Ha meaning "sun" and tha meaning "moon." The union of these two words represents the balance of opposing forces, similar to the terms yin and yang in Asian medicine. In yoga class, your instructor will encourage you to balance your will to stretch into sometimes challenging asanas (yoga poses), with your ability to relax and surrender into each pose. Your instructor will utilize the following tools to help you balance these aspects of yourself:

Asanas: Asana is Sanskrit for "posture," or, more specifically, "yoga pose." Asanas are poses which serve to strengthen your body. Depending on which class you come to at Acu Yoga Wellness, the yoga poses may be static, or "vinayasa" ("vinayasa" is Sanskrit for flowing). Static poses enable you to strengthen your muscles because you are sitting still and supporting your own body weight. Vinayasa style yoga increases strength and flexibility while also enhancing your balance and coordination. Typically, the morning "Power" class is geared toward the vinayasa style to encourage the body to become energized for the day ahead, while the evening "Relax" class is steered toward a more static approach to unwind from the day by encouraging rest and repose. Since everyone's situation and schedule is different, classes are kept small. This enables your yoga instructor the ability to tailor your class to your needs based on close observation and open communication. Further explanation of the "Power" and "Relax" class can be found in the description section.

Mantra: A mantra is a silent chant that enables one to focus their mind on a simple phrase rather than thoughts unrelated to yoga class. At Acu Yoga Wellness, the mantra is matched with the breath. Your instructor may invite you to silently chant one word on each inhale and another word on your exhale throughout the class, but it is completely natural and expected for you to periodically stop the silent mantra and possibly begin thinking about doing the laundry or getting groceries after class! However, since breathing is central to maximizing the benefits of yoga, your instructor will provide guidance throughout class by occasionally chanting the mantra and reminding you to "breathe with your mantra."

Pranayama: Pranayama is Sanskrit for "control of breath." In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it is surprising how we take our breath, which sustains our lives, for granted. We breathe shallow when we are in a rush, hold our breath when we are anxious, or simply forget to breathe because there is so much on our minds. Improper breathing leads to decreased oxygen in our blood, which can cause a wide range of problems from aches and pains to fatigue. At Acu Yoga Wellness, your instructor will regularly remind you to allow your breath to guide your movements, so that you can train yourself to make your breath deeper, slower, and more deliberate--for use during yoga and throughout your daily life.

The Yoga Studio

The yoga studio at Acu Yoga Wellness is cozy and peaceful. You will practice yoga in a relaxing, supportive and safe atmosphere.

Classes at Acu Yoga Wellness are private to encourage one-on-one student-teacher interaction. We pride ourselves on providing quality private yoga classes at affordable rates.


Contact us at (619) 764-9455 to book a private yoga class.

Class Descriptions

Acu Yoga's POWER class builds strength, balance and focus. The class consists of "vinayasa" (Sanskrit for "flowing") style movements to increase balance and flexibility. Siham will encourage you to meet your full potential by challenging your body. The class ends with restorative stretches and meditative pranayama to help you recover from the energizing sequence.

Acu Yoga's RELAX class calms the mind, reduces stress, and soothes tense muscles. You are encouraged to breathe deeply and relax into yoga poses. This class will enhance your ability to relax in your daily life. You will begin to see changes in yourself, like breathing deeply when anxiety strikes instead of succumbing to shallow breathing.

Please note that Siham will tailor your private yoga class to meet your needs.

Remember: when you are able to surrender your tension and release your body into the poses, you are practicing authentic yoga. At Acu Yoga Wellness, we encourage an environment that is non-competitive and comforting.

When you come to Acu Yoga Wellness for class, you are not just coming for physical exercise, but you are coming for mental exercise as well. You are resolving to make meditation, deep breathing, and patience more present in your daily life. With the assistance of Siham Miller, you can achieve these valuable assets through a regular yoga practice.