Education & Training

Siham Miller is licensed statewide by the California Acupuncture Board, nationally by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and is a certified yoga instructor. She is an Ivy League graduate of Columbia University and graduated among the top of her class from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego. She successfully owned and operated the original Acu Yoga Wellness clinic in La Mesa, California for three years before moving to Temecula to start her family.

Siham's clinical experience includes over 3,500 hours of training in Eastern and Western medicine. She interned at RIMAC sports facility at UCSD treating the cross country, basketball, and soccer teams and has extensive knowledge in treating common sports-related injuries. She also interned at San Diego's Senior's (Geriatric) clinic and developed a keen awareness on how to treat issues associated with aging. Through her acupuncture treatments and yoga classes, Siham specializes in sports injuries, pain management, and mental wellness.

Siham's Story

Siham's journey with alternative medicine began as a junior at Columbia University. On a fall afternoon, Siham went to the bookstore to pick up a course reader for class. The storeowner explained that he was out of course books for that class and told Siham to walk ten blocks uptown to another sister store where they would give her the text. Being that this was a direction that Siham had never before traveled, it is not by mere chance what happened next. At the 120th Street Columbia University gates, she noticed a small group of about 15 people holding handfuls of flowers and offerings, barred by a line of police officers. Siham stood with the group, curious to see what they were waiting for. A moment later, the Dalai Lama, who had just given a lecture, exited the gates. He saw the group of his devotees and kindly reached over the police officers to touch each and every person's hands, including her own. Moved by this meeting, Siham immediately went to a nearby store and picked up a book on meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh. She then experienced her first meditation in Riverside Park in the midst of swirling fall leaves.

After graduating from Columbia , Siham worked as a legal assistant at a high power finance firm on Wall Street with aspirations of becoming a lawyer. While Siham had developed a daily meditation practice, it was still extremely difficult to manage her stress. Her parents, who had both become yoga instructors while Siham was in college, encouraged her to begin practicing yoga every day. Yoga provided an excellent integration of meditation and exercise, readying her each morning for the tough day ahead, and, when she took an evening class, rejuvenating her spirit after the day wore her out. Nevertheless, something felt missing from her chosen career path in corporate law. While looking into possible career alternatives, Siham recalled a roommate from Columbia who had told her about how acupuncture completely healed her of her chronic back pain. After reading countless articles about results of clinical trials proving acupuncture's benefits and how many insurance companies cover acupuncture treatments for pain management, Siham decided to apply to acupuncture school, quit her job on Wall Street, and eventually open her own acupuncture clinic and yoga studio.

The first man Siham met in San Diego became her husband, and immediately following graduation from acupuncture school, the perfect location for her clinic and yoga studio happened to be waiting for her within walking distance of her home. As an avid runner, Siham has used acupuncture and yoga many times to both heal herself of acute running injuries and prevent potential injuries through regular acupuncture treatments and daily yoga stretches. Siham believes that she was meant to be an acupuncturist and yoga teacher, and is glad to have followed the signs along the way that led her to this beautiful destination. As one of her yoga students and/or acupuncture patients, you can rest assured that Siham will work extremely hard for your mental and physical health while providing a loving and kind disposition. Siham practices yoga 7 days a week and believes it is important to be a positive role model to her clients by practicing what she preaches.

Why Acu Yoga Wellness?

Acu Yoga Wellness offers two of the most sought-after holistic services in our world today, acupuncture and yoga, at rates that are competitive with other clinics and studios in Temecula. For such affordable rates, you will receive a treatment by an experienced, professional practitioner in a peaceful setting.

Because Acu Yoga Wellness is operated solely by Siham Miller, she can tailor your acupuncture and/or yoga experience to fit your needs. This is possible because she will be both your acupuncturist and yoga instructor and therefore have a more comprehensive understanding of your body mechanics. If you are only interested in acupuncture, you will be comforted by Siham's dedication to helping you achieve wellness and the affordability of her treatments. If you are only interested in yoga, she offers private classes to enable one-one-one student- teacher interaction. For those interested in both, a combination of acupuncture and yoga can create a cumulative effect and strengthen the healing process for both physical pain and for everyday stress. Whether you choose acupuncture, yoga, or both, Acu Yoga Wellness enables you to create a treatment plan and/or yoga regimen that is unique to your needs.